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Conditions of Worth Explained: A Theory by Carl Rogers

Conditions of Worth Explained When it comes to counselling and psychotherapy, one influential person who has made a significant impact is Carl Rogers. Carl Rogers who is the father of Person-Centred Counselling theory believed that individuals have an innate drive for self-actualisation and personal growth. However, he also recognised that societal expectations and judgments can …

What is Person-Centred-Counselling?

What is Person-Centred Counselling?

Person-Centred Counselling For Aspiring Counsellors Person-centred counselling is a gentle, client-led approach to counselling, and it’s one of the most widespread methods. If you’d like to work or volunteer as a counsellor, it’s worth training in this all-important skill. Person-Centred Counselling is: A therapy method that helps people understand themselves better and encourages personal growth. This …

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