FAQ's for learners

Learner FAQ's

Download the assignment onto your device then open your copy, complete and save with your name and unit before submitting to your tutor.

Check your internet connection and retry by closing down the page and re-opening it.  If that does not work, contact your tutor.

Check your internet connection if that is on close and re-start.  Bear in mind sometimes a video not opening can be the fault of YouTube and therefore is out of our control.

Send an email ncfe@lifecharity.org.uk to your tutor or telephone us as soon as possible and we will help you to get back learning as soon as possible.

Report it immediately by contacting you tutor via email ncfe@lifecharity.org.uk or chat and we will get you back learning as soon as possible.

You will be assigned a personal tutor with in-depth knowledge and experience of the topic.

We pride ourselves on the comprehensive and detailed feedback that is given to learners.  You will get suggestions on how to make your questions more robust if you require a re-submission. To improve your skills you may also be suggested to do further reading on some questions.

You are strongly advised to make use of your tutors expertise and ask questions about the course content.

You will receive an email confirmation from your tutor that your assignments have been received.

You can download the work materials and your assignment on your device to complete the work.

Please read page 18 in the Learner Policy Booklet to learn more about the learner agreement and intellectual property.

Feedback will be given within two to three weeks of receiving a completed unit if there is a delay to that timeline your tutor will be in contact to let you know.

Most learners will pass a unit after two or three attempts. You will be able to talk to your tutor who will go through re-submissions with you and support you to achieve the required criteria to receive a pass for the unit. 

This will depend on whether you have completed the four mandatory units and if you have any outstanding work to hand-in, once your portfolio is complete and given Internal Quality Assurance you should receive your certificate no later than four to eight weeks.

If you would like to cancel your course, send an email to your tutor to let them know of your decision to cancel. Options will be explored with you to possibly take some timeout from your studies if you have personal issues which means you cannot commit at this time.

If you signed up with one of our easy payment options unfortunately, you still have to continue paying for your course if you decided to cancel since you have entered into a purchase agreement with us. Failure to pay may ruin your future credit. See our debt management procedures in the Payment Policy in the links and the course handbook in the induction folder.

After a discussion with your tutor, learners will be given the option to take time out of their studies with a time limit up to 6 months depending on how long you have left to complete your course and how far into the course you are. During the timeout period you will not be able to have access to the Learner Zone Dashboard or receive tutor support. However, you could continue with your studies in the meantime while your access to the Learning Zone had temporarily stopped.

The Training Team understands that each case is individual and will look at cases on that basis.  

Yes, your completed units will be recognised, you will get a certificate to acknowledge the units that you have successfully completed and passed, which means if you wish to continue on to complete the course you can use the certificate gained for Recognition of Prior Learning RPL for your next course provider to see what you achieved.

If you have a question that isn't answered above contact your tutor

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