How To Become A Counsellor Without Going To University

How To Become A Counsellor Without Going To University

Starting out in the world of work or fancy a career change?  Are you looking for something meaningful, where you can have a positive impact on the lives of others? Counselling may be the path for you, and here we explore how to become a counsellor without going to university

Counsellors work in a variety of ways to help others better understand themselves, work through their struggles and improve their mental and emotional health.

Counselling also offers a wide range of and flexibility that can allow for the elusive work–life balance we are all seeking. 


Typical routes into counselling

A common route into counselling is to pursue an academic degree. 

Counselling degrees are offered by national institutions, and some have distance-learning options. Once you achieve a degree, the qualifications enable you to become a registered counsellor or psychotherapist.

There are several factors to consider when applying for an academic degree. Bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degrees can take many years to achieve, especially if studying part time. 

They can be expensive and may require a drop in working hours, meaning a loss of earnings while you study. This is unfeasible for many people, who want to know how to become a counsellor without going to university.

This is where diplomas come in.

Benefits of Choosing-an-online-counselling-course

How to become a counsellor without going to university

It’s possible to become a qualified counsellor without a university degree. 

To work as a registered counsellor, you need to have a Level 4 Diploma in Therapeutic counselling, and to be a member of a registered body such as BACP (British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy). 

Before taking your Level 4 Diploma, you can take accredited courses in Level 2 and Level 3 certificates in Counselling Skills, setting you on the path to achieving your diploma and registration.

Degrees require a huge commitment of time and money, whereas taking accredited courses and building up to the diploma can be a more manageable and financially viable option. 

Choosing to learn online also allows you the freedom to work at your own pace and to fit your studies around your life. This is ideal for someone asking how to become a counsellor without going to university, as university usually involves a full week of in-person classes, not to mention the possibility of relocation.

For some, taking accredited courses and building up to the Level 4 Diploma can be a more manageable and financially viable option.

Accredited counselling courses

Life is a pregnancy support charity with counselling at its core. We understand the importance of excellent counselling, and we support aspiring counsellors with nationally recognised qualifications in Counselling Skills.

These include:

These allow you to progress onto the Level 4 Diploma which allow you to become a counsellor without a degree.

It’s important that you find accredited and licensed online courses. Life uses courses accredited by NCFE CACHE, leading UK specialists in health, care and education.

We offer them as a Centre of Excellence with Direct Claim status, the highest award given by NCFE.

Accessing our courses

At Life, we offer three different answers to how to become a counsellor without going to university:

  • The Online Course
  • The Online Course with Skills Practice Day
  • Face-to-Face Learning

The Online Course is completely distance learning.  You have access to our online course, tutor support and resources for one year. 

The Online Course with Skills Practice Day allows learners to participate in a one-day classroom-based session, which will cover the skills practice required for the qualification in a group setting. 

Finally, we offer Face-to-Face Learning. This option provides full access to the online course together with five days of classroom learning to facilitate the skills practice and the theory requirement for the qualification.
Finally, we offer Face-to-Face LeThis option is currently unavailable, but we hope to provide face-to-face learning again soon.

At Life, we offer various modes of study to accommodate different learning styles. Options include completely online, face-to-face or a hybrid of both.

Managing the cost

Managing the cost of your counselling course

We know that cost can be the number one barrier when it comes to a new career path.

To make our courses accessible to more learners we have a variety of options to pay. 

A learner can make a one-time payment in full or spread the cost in manageable instalments. Our friendly and efficient Payments Coordinator will be happy to assist our learners with any payment-related enquiry.

Begin Your Journey

Embarking on a new career path can be daunting, from maintaining good income to fitting studies around already busy lives.

If you’re asking how to become a counsellor without going to university, and our flexible quality courses sound right for you, visit our website to discover more. With an ever-increasing demand for mental health services, there has never been a better time to start your journey to becoming a counsellor.

Begin your counselling journey

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Learn with Life and make a real difference!   

Your payment will help us to support a vulnerable client in need. 

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