Level 2 Certificate in Counselling Skills

Overview of the course

Counselling can be beneficial for individuals dealing with various challenges in their lives, such as relationships, mental health issues, personal development, or other sources of distress.

Level 2 Certificate in Counselling Skills

Our Level 2 Certificate in Counselling Skills provides participants with the fundamental skills needed to effectively support and guide individuals through difficult times. These skills include the core counselling skills, active listening, empathy, non-verbal communication to help you to have better interactions.

NCFE-CACHE-Level 2 Certificate in Counselling Skills
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Our online counselling training can help you to develop these core skills, you can enhance your ability to provide emotional support, offer guidance, and facilitate positive change in the lives of others.

Through this course, participants will learn skills practice either tutor-led or feedback will be given to create better skills. They will also learn how to use the core skills, such as; asking appropriate questions, reflect the speaker’s emotions, and use core counselling skills to help the speaker in a counselling skills interaction.

Additionally, participants will have the opportunity to practice these skills through role-playing exercises and case studies. Overall, the Level 2 Certificate in Counselling Skills provides an invaluable foundation for those who are interested in pursuing a career in counselling or simply want to enhance their use of interpersonal skills in everyday life to better support others in their personal or professional lives

Qualification Summary:

  • 120 Guided Learning Hours

  • 160 Hours (Total Qualification Time)

  • This online course is self-paced

  • Ofqual listing

Who is this course for?

Who is this counselling skills course for

This qualification is intended for individuals who are starting their training to become a professional counsellor or for those who wish to apply counselling skills in different professional or supportive roles.

What careers could this course lead to?

Professions that may benefit from counselling skills include Human Resources, Nursing & Healthcare, Teaching, and Team Leaders and Managers. 

Progressing to level 3 in counselling is a natural step after completing the Level 2 Certificate in Counselling Skills course.

Furthermore, the Level 2 Certificate in Counselling Skills can enhance employability for individuals working in fields such as health and social care, education, advocacy, mediation, support work, and project management.

By gaining a solid understanding of counselling principles and techniques, learners are better equipped to provide effective support and guidance to those they work with. The practical application of these skills not only benefits clients but also enhances the overall effectiveness and efficiency of their work within these helping roles. Overall, this qualification serves as a valuable stepping stone towards a fulfilling career in counselling or related professions. 

How much could I earn as a counsellor?

The average salary for a qualified counsellor is £31,499.

Source –¬†Indeed

What are the Entry requirements?

There are no entry requirements, but you must be living in the UK and be at least 18 years old. 

The course is split into four manageable units:

Unit 1:Core Skills¬†‚Ästdefine and understand the main skills included in skilled listening and counselling

Unit 1a:¬†Using core skills‚Ästpractise using these skills in a variety of situations

Unit 2:¬†Introduction to counselling skills theories‚Ästlearn about the development of counselling theories and approaches, and how these different approaches can be used

Unit 3:¬†Diversity and ethics in the use of counselling skills‚Ästdiscover the ethical requirements relating to counselling practice, and how this ethical background influences counselling practice

Unit 4:Counselling skills and personal development¬†‚Ästreflect on how counselling skills lead to personal development and how personal values and backgrounds affect counsellors.¬†

As part of units 1 and 1a, you will need to submit an audio recording showing your practice of listening skills. 

– If you are using a purely on-line learning approach, you will need a friend or colleague to help you with this exercise and full guidance will be given to you on how to do this.

РIf you’ve opted for the face to face option, this exercise will be included

Will I gain any qualifications?

You will gain an NCFE CACHE Level 2 Certificate in Counselling Skills.

See Ofqual Qualification

How will I learn?

All our courses are tutor-led meaning you will be taught and supported by a tutor throughout your course.

You will have the opportunity to practice skills and build a portfolio of evidence while completing specific tasks with the guidance of your tutor.

Independent study and research are required.

Our Success Rates

Our success rates for all our counselling courses are ‚Äėoutstanding’ at 100%, consistently. We take great care to support all learners to achieve their qualifications with us.

100% success pass rate for our online counselling courses

How do I enrol for this course?

Simply click enrol now and gain instant access to this course. Your tutor will welcome you to the course and a member of our team will ensure you have all the necessary information to get your induction underway.

Gain the skills and knowledge you need to make a real difference in people’s lives.¬†

Certificate in Counselling Skills

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