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Whether you want to become a fully qualified and practising counsellor or simply to improve your listening skills to help support others at work, our NCFE CACHE counselling courses provide practical knowledge and skills to establish and maintain a productive helping relationship.

100% success pass rate for our counselling courses
NCFE CACHE Counselling Courses
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Every learning journey is inspired and led by our
qualified and experienced counsellors.

Learners who achieve our qualifications could progress to:

  • Level 3 qualifications in Workplace Mentoring 
  • Level 3 and 4 qualifications in Advice and Guidance
  • Level 4 Diploma qualifications in Counselling

Our Tutor Led Counselling Courses can help you to:

  • Provide help and support as a skilled listener.
  • Improve your communication with friends, family, and work colleagues.
  • Understand and respect another person’s point of view.
  • Manage conflict and resolve relationship difficulties.
  • Progress to a Level 3 Award in Counselling Skills and Theory.
counselling skills level 3

Centre of Excellence

We are rated as a Centre of Excellence by NCFE CACHE, so you can be assured of the high-quality content, resources, and support available through our convenient and user-friendly Life Learner Platform.

Awarded Direct Claims status by NCFE

Volunteering opportunities

We also offer online volunteering opportunities for suitable candidates to enhance their counselling skills alongside our team of professional counsellors.

NCFE CACHE Counselling Courses
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