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silence in counselling

The use of Silence in Counselling

Silence in Counselling Silence is Golden. A Gateway to Deeper Conversations In our silence, we can begin to listen to what another person may be saying, as opposed to what we think they should be saying. Dr. Iain McGilchrist, from “The Master and His Emissary: The Divided Brain and the Making of the Western World” …


SOLER Communication

SOLER Communication Techniques in Counselling Soler Communication refers to the skills and techniques needed by counsellors in order to actively listen and engage with their clients. Honing these skills will ensure that clients feel heard, understood, and supported by their counsellor and help the client feel like a part of the therapeutic process. By practising …

How to use Active Listening in Counselling

Enhancing Empathy and Gaining Trust Introduction At the heart of counselling lies a powerful technique that builds trust, promotes empathy, and establishes a strong therapeutic alliance between the counsellor and the client: active listening. In the world of mental health, active listening serves as a cornerstone for effective communication, guiding the way to a deeper …

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