Volunteer with Life Counselling Online Service

Life is a pregnancy support charity, supporting our clients through pregnancy and pregnancy loss. As a Charity we have been providing a confidential counselling service to our clients for over 50 years and we pride ourselves in the quality of counselling that we deliver to our clients.

Life’s counsellors and skilled listeners use non-directive person centred counselling skills. They work to the ethical guidelines of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP).

How to become a volunteer counsellor with Life

At Life we provide a quality service to our clients, therefore, we ensure all our volunteers are Level 2 Counselling Skills trained or above, this also enables volunteers to move more effectively into our in-house Online Training program.

Volunteer Counsellor

Your Commitment as a Volunteer with Life

To provide a minimum of 14 hours per month inclusive of training hours, peer supervision and volunteering on the helpline.
The duration of your commitment is two years as a volunteer.

6 important qualities you will need to become a volunteer counsellor:

  • Good Communication skills with the use of active listening skills, clients will feel heard.
  • Empathy To be able to understand the client’s story.
  • Trusting Confidentiality is extremely important to build trust, if a trusting connection is built during the sessions, clients will feel secure and trust in the therapeutic process and will explore on a deeper level.
  • Non-judgmental Showing unconditional positive regard is to accept the client as they are so that the client does not feel judged.
  • Listening skills – Sitting in silence so that the client feels heard when they tell their story.
  • Being genuine Being yourself while working sensitively with clients will help clients build an open and honest trusting relationship with you.

If you use some or all the six qualities listed above in your day-to-day life, then you are a natural skilled listener, so why not harness your skills and get a registered NCFE CACHE counselling qualification and volunteer for Life!  –

Liz Lloyd, Life, NCFE centre manager.

Benefits of becoming a volunteer counsellor with Life

Choosing to become a Volunteer Counsellor can provide candidates with a deep sense of emotional satisfaction. 

  • Gain a nationally recognised accredited qualification
  • Improve your core counselling skills
  • Gain skills that can enhance your professional development
  • In house training providing continuing professional development 
  • Peer supervision

Volunteer Counsellor Qualification

Enrol now for our Level 2 Certificate in Counselling Skills to gain valuable core counselling skills knowledge and a better understanding of the theory of counselling.

Once qualified, you can strengthen your newfound counselling skills by looking at becoming a volunteer skilled listener on our online services. You will be working with clients who have a range of emotional difficulties related to pregnancy and pregnancy loss that affect their day-to-day lives.

Learn with Life and make a real difference!   

Your payment will help us to support a vulnerable client in need. 

Life is a national pregnancy support charity. We’re creating a world where no one faces pregnancy or pregnancy loss alone. Through our services, we help 45,000 people each year meet pregnancy or pregnancy loss with courage and dignity so they can flourish.

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