How to Become a Counsellor – Without a University Degree

Do I Need a Degree to Become a Counsellor?

If you are seeking to become a counsellor without a university degree, then our online qualifications provide a great alternative to traditional university education.

We can provide an accessible and affordable path to gaining the qualifications you need to proceed to the diploma level.


How to Pursue a Counselling Career

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  • While a degree is not required, you will need to complete an accredited specialised course to hone your counselling skills and be able to demonstrate a clear understanding of theory in practice.
  • Skills competency is evaluated via practice sessions using audio and video during simulations assessing counselling skills.
  • Our courses are tutored by qualified and experienced counsellors who prepare you for independent work.
  • Our high-quality courses provide you with the opportunity for self-study and practice during the accredited course, this way students can develop expertise without a formal university education.
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